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Joy of Life & Lightwork for over 25 years Joy of Life – Healing* – Spiritual Counselling – Clarification – Unfolding – Psychological Counselling

If you have the feeling: “It can’t and shouldn’t go on like this!”, you can trust your feelings and dare to make the change to happiness. You may have already tried, learned, read books and achieved some success, but the real breakthrough into the new is still to come. Into the life your heart desires …

About me

My name is Tarala I. Fuchs, and I help people transform into a happy and fulfilled life in the New Energy.

In my Practice for Reiki & Lichtbewusstsein and with my professional work I help people to transform into a happier life in the New Age. Over 25 years of professional experience as well as numerous advanced trainings and further build-up courses are my solid foundation.

Let your potential shine!


Individual appointment

During a one on one consultation, we will address your individual concerns together and work out ways to restore harmony and balance between body, soul and spirit.


During a soulhealing*, deep-seated burdens and disharmonies in the soul´s structure that have built up over many lifetimes on earth are beeing removed. With the help of the Archangels, Ascended Masters and …


I have been offering channellings since 1996. I am grateful and happy to do this service as a medium and “cosmic interpreter” in cooperation with the Ascended Masters & Archangels. …


The Japanese word Reiki means “cosmic life energy”. Reiki is given through the hands to oneself or to another person. At the same time, the giver is beeing flooded with life energy and strengthened …


Reiki Seminars, 1st, 2nd and Master/Teacher Levels take place regularly: Mostly in the Practice for Reiki & Lichtbewusstsein near Bamberg; on request also at other venues …

Advanced Training

What you will find with me are solid and accurate advanced trainings, complete and profound initiations in the tradition of Mikao Usui: thorough, powerful, with love and with all my heart! …

Packages …



Meditation is an essential and enriching part of life. Meditation – both in its active and silent form – leads to the center of your own being...


The special feature: the aura spray is “customised“: Through a channelling, I will receive the information directly from your soul and your Higher Self, which personnel composition to create …


Here you will find an overview of the upcoming dates for workshops, seminars, advanced training courses and further information …


The popular trips will take place again in the future and are already being planned. You can find more information here …

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Over 25 years of Practice
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