Soul Healing*

What happens during the Soul Healing*?

During the Soul Healing*, deep-seated burdens and disharmonies in the soul´s structure that have been built up over many lifetimes on earth are being removed. With the help of the Archangels, Ascended Masters and other spiritual beings of light, your soul structure is being healed* and realigned with your inner light.

Be released:

  • shocks and drastic, stressful experiences, both karmic and from the current life
  • negative karma
  • blocking experiences, “repetition loops”
  • unconscious “old burdens” that do not longer serve on your soul´s path


Your highest potential will be liberated as far as it is now possible in accordance with your divine plan.

Your soul´s structure is being rebuilt, strengthened and stabilized.

The soul´s colour is being replenished and your soul shines again in its full glory.

Your soul will be connected to the here and now in the physical body. As a result, positive changes can occur at all levels in everyday life and therefore be implemented by you.


Situations, a Soul Healing* is helpful in:


  • life crises, spiritual crises
  • strong phases of change, for reorientation
  • dissatisfaction, restlessness, heaviness, the feeling of being stuck
  • in case of (chronic) illness – ideally in conjunction with medical or alternative healing treatment
  • reconvalescence
  • exhaustion, for burn-out prevention
  • difficulties during puberty
  • unclear complaints, the cause of which could not be found
  • for light workers as a valuable support (so-called lightbody-symptoms)
  • for anyone who is ready to fully realize themselves.


Soul Healing* is given spiritually as an absent healing*. It is independent of location.
It is helpful at all ages and can also be given to other people – relatives, friends or even babies, seriously ill or demented people – provided that their Higher Self agrees.


The Soul Healing* takes 10 – 14 days, during which the individual steps are being given in your individual rhythm. This happens in a purely spiritual way. Therefore, you do not have to do anything else after you have given me the order.
The Soul Healing* ends with a final telephone call in which I share my perceptions with you and give you advice for the time after (if you wish).


Fee: 330 € (incl. final phone call)


If you feel addressed in your heart – be it for yourself or for a person who is important to you – then I look forward to hearing from you personally. Contact→
I will be happy to answer your questions.

I look forward to seeing you!