Over 25 years of Practice
for Reiki & Lichtbewusstsein

of the Path


It started very small, like almost everything in life. In 1994 I rented a room, only 17 m2 , in what was then the Reiki-Center in Bamberg. My spiritual guidance, especially Maitreya, had been guiding me. I gave Reiki treatments, energetic healing treatments and aura cleansings. In the evenings with tarot meditations, this small room was regularly so overcrowded that it was clear: I needed more space for my work. For the active meditation sessions, I always had to rent my colleague’s slightly larger room. As my apartment was also tiny, it was obvious to move and practically combine my Practice and apartment in one place. The step out of the protection of the Reiki-Center and into my own Practice was to come!

And as always, when it really comes to self-employment, things get exciting. My spiritual guidance, again first of all Maitreya, had a really big step planned for me. But how do I deal with that as a human being on earth? I didn’t really want to let go of the sense of safety I had been trusting in for so long, so I was extremely persistent in my search for a venue in Bamberg. I counted exactly: I had viewed 100 apartments precisely before I finally realized that I should not only leave the Reiki-Centre, but also my beloved Bamberg.
After only the third (!!!) apartment viewing in Würzburg, I had found what I was looking for.

Thus began the successful story of my own Practice for Reiki & Lichtbewusstsein in 1996. With the all solid trainings of the 1. and 2nd Reiki Levels, the advanced training for Channelling and the Psychological Counsellor Training as well as the experiences I had gained in Bamberg with leading groups, I had a really good foundation. The living room of the apartment in Rottendorfer Strasse became the Practice. The Reiki Seminars were initially held by my Reiki Teacher, who had travelled there especially for this purpose; I assisted and gained further experiences. When these Reiki Seminars took place, I turned my tiny office into an initiation room (every time I took out my desk and redecorated everything….). There was a lot more space, but still not enough.
During these years I completed the Reiki Master/Teacher Training, and from 1999 onwards I gave Reiki Seminars by myself, initially 1st Level, then also 2nd Level. The counselling and healing sessions became more comprehensive. I attended numerous advanced trainings. I slowly but steadily expanded my range of offers in my Practice.

After 5 years in Würzburg, I not only needed more space again, but also a quieter environment. So off to the countryside! The path led me to Ochsenfurt. As my then partner and me wanted to move in together, it became really big: a whole house!

The Practice covered over 80 square meters on the entire top floor. I first had to come to terms with this magnitude. But it was wonderful: lots of active meditations with groups, no more rearranging for Reiki Seminars. I led the first of many more advanced trainings for the Reiki Master/Teacher Level.

It all turned out to be a warm-up exercise for Bad Mergentheim. The rental agreement was limited (the landlords wanted to live there themselves on a long-term basis) and the partnership also fell apart.

But where was my place?
To find out, I went on a 5-day silent retreat right after Christmas 2004. In the morning of the last day, it appeared before my inner eye rainbow-like: Bad Mergentheim!

I set off and was led to an empty house by my spiritual guidance in the summer of 2005 and could hardly believe my eyes. With a really big, somewhat overgrown garden and everything I needed and wanted! “Oh God, are you serious?!”, I thought overwhelmed. Yes, God took it seriously.
This was followed by 4 months of complicated negotiations with the town administration and an almost infinite amount of patience, which was not without its difficulties in view of the fact that the rental contract in Ochsenfurt expired on September 30, 2005. Almost at the last minute, I got the rental contract for this house on 1st October 2005, 9 months after the silent retreat. I had the feeling of pregnancy and childbirth. With this cosmic timing, I was simply left speechless. To complete the miracle, almost all of my Reiki students agreed to help me to renovate the house, move the plants to the garden and relocate in just one week with breathtaking energy. Thanks to you all! This would NEVER have been possible without you.

My spiritual journey to Egypt, for which I had been preparing for almost 15 years, followed just 3 days after I had moved in, so I also experienced a spiritual birth. Since then, I have known with absolute certainty that nothing is impossible for God and that I can always rely on my spiritual guidance one hundred percent. One miracle after another occured.

One of my teachers, the harpist and healer Erik Berglund, came to Bad Mergentheim from California several times on his world tours to give workshops, which I translated and organized. In May 2006, we celebrated the housewarming party with many wonderful people. The Practice took root and flourished. In the meantime I have been able to help countless people, initiated many into Reiki and trained 22 Reiki-Masters/Teachers. With the move to Untergreuth near Bamberg, I have now reached a new level in the upward spiral. I feel deeply blessed for myself and my Practice for Reiki & Lichtbewusstsein and look forward to continuing to flourish and thrive!