Individual AURA-SPRAY

Specially customized for your personal needs


A few years ago, I received the impulse from the spiritual realm to offer individual aura sprays, which are customized from my rich fund of subtle products. For many people, life and the current challenges are stressful, sometimes even overwhelming. Often times, health and well-being suffer. Therefore a simple, quick, anytime and anywhere supportive help is a blessing.


The individual aura spray

  • Promotes health, inner growth, development, upcoming steps and healing processes* in exactly the way that is right for you
  • Stabilizes stress and protects against unnecessarily stressful energies
  • Clarifies and balances
  • Connects with the soul, which always means an improved attitude to life

What makes it special: The aura spray is customized. Through a channelling I receive the information of the individual composition directly from your soul and your Higher Self. Therefore it is reliable and effective. I draw from my rich fund of around 200 different tinctures, essences and essential oils. They have the healing informations of Archangels, Elohim, Ascended Masters, Bach Flowers, wild plants, orchids, roses, cacti and mushrooms.

I only use high quality and pure products from the companies “Lichtwesen”, “PHI Korte”, “Aura-Soma” and “Neumond”, which I have been using successfully in my Practice for many years and with which my clients and I have made very good experiences.



Simple application: Spray into your auric field and on the pulse multiple times a day for the duration of 3 – 6 weeks.

I will certainly let you know, what the components of your aura spray are.

You can place an order for the individual aura spray either by telephone or e-mail. It also makes a loving gift.

Price for 30 ml: 48 €

I will be happy to send the aura spray. In this case, a flat-rate shipping fee of €5 (€7 abroad) will be added.

I am happy to answer questions about the individual aura spray.




I look forward to seeing you!