The Japanese word Reiki means “cosmic life energy”.

Reiki is given through the hands to oneself or to another person. At the same time, the giver is being flooded with life energy and strengthened.

Reiki opens the heart. It connects with the potential of one’s true nature. Reiki helps us to live what we really are: An expression of divine love.

Reiki works lovingly on all levels and promotes healing* physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It releases blockages, cleanses from toxicity, relaxes deeply, strengthens and clarifies.

Reiki helps to release intense hurtful experiences from the body and the energy system and processes them on a deep level. It strengthens the entire personality and brings it into balance.

Reiki harmoniously balances the chakras and the aura.

Reiki is health care, prevention and active support in restoring health. It supports and completes all medical and therapeutic work.

Reiki is ideologically neutral.


Individual sessions:

Light Awareness & Healing*

Fee per hour (60 min.): 132 €
Short telephone consultation (15 min.): € 33

Home visits on request.

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Basic cure &
Premium cure

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The 1st Level Seminar takes place on two consecutive days (usually a weekend). It takes about 14 hours in total.

You will be initiated into the Reiki energy. Your vibration is significantly uplifted and your inner healing* channels are being cleansed and activated.

You will receive the basic practical and theoretical knowledge and learn the hand positions of the most important Reiki treatments. You can then use Reiki to lovingly support yourself, your family, friends, animals and plants.

The flow of this loving, gentle and powerfully healing* energy is a wonderful experience.
Your personal concerns and questions are welcome and will be answered.

I give Reiki Seminars in small groups of 4 – 6 people.
Fee: 396 €

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The 2nd Level Seminar connects you even more deeply with your potential and gives you the courage and confidence to live yourself fully.

You will be initiated into the original Reiki Symbols of Mikao Usui. The energy flow is being strengthened. You will learn how to give mental and absent treatments with Reiki and how to deal consciously and beneficially with the infinite possibilities of life.
I will be happy to give you more information personally.

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Advanced seminar of the 2nd Level: Soul guidance into the light (optional)

The 3rd Level – A path of awakening in the New Energy

The 3rd Level is the Master/Teacher Level, a comprehensive and profound 1-year in-service advanced training. Read more→